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Green Robin Dance: The production and promotion of contemporary dance.

We make. We perform. We provide workshops. We develop new audiences. We raise the profile of contemporary dance. 

Artistic Concept

Green Robin Dance is a contemporary dance company who create work that challenges the traditional theatre setting. Using an experimental approach, we explore the relationship between space, performer and audience. When creating work, Green Robin draws upon shared experiences, human behaviour, emotions and individual memory. We believe that our honest and reflective process will allow audiences to connect with our work on a number of levels, noticing themes with which they can engage on a personal level.

Community and Outreach

Green Robin Dance is passionate about promoting dance within our local community, particularly for those that do not usually access the arts. We aim to provide positive and engaging dance experiences and opportunities for people within our community.

We endeavour to promote the importance of dance and movement for young people, their development and self-esteem. With a particular focus on creativity, we hope to raise the profile and importance of creativity through movement.

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