Sharing of The People Next Door at Newvolutions Festival, LPAC Centre, Lincoln.

Today we shared our work in progress at the LPAC centre in Lincoln. We had a total of five days in the studio. This was quite a challenging time as I had decided that I wanted to add a third performer to the piece, as it was originally a duet. We reworked many elements of the piece and decided to focus our attention specifically on memories - letting go slightly of the idea of a family home. I also introduced much more use of the voice and live, memory re-call.

The result was something incredibly different from the first piece - not surprising really with the addition of Georgie performing. But the entire performance was much more informal with a real truth and honesty surrounding the trio.

I have a lot to think about and many decisions to make! I already have lots of thoughts and ideas buzzing around in my head and just need to get them organised! I will be working again on this piece throughout the next couple of months with the view to develop it into a community focused project. Watch this space!

Posted on 17/01/2013 by Jenny x