Baby Birds Update

We have now delivered four of our eight sessions at Netherfield Children's Centre. We have had such a wonderful time! We have been on some magical movement journeys with our little ones including a trip to the jungle and an adventure under the sea! We have danced with colourful fish, giant flowers and soft feathers and we have boogied like monkeys, squirrels and space men! We are delighted to see the children developing already within four sessions! Everyone has managed to sneak out of their shells and they feel comfortable with the familiar Baby Birds devices that we use. 

This week we hopped like bunnies and climbed through our mummies TALL TREE legs! It was great fun, especially when Georgie pretened to be a bear and we scared her away. One very beautiful moment was when Jenny became a huge bird with colourful feathers! After lots of hard work we put Robbie to sleep in his nest and did some colouring!

Now we have a two week break for Easter. We will miss our Baby Birds! 

Posted on 27/03/2013 by Jenny and Georgie