The People Next Door

The People Next Door began as a collaboration in May 2012 between Jennifer Manderson and Nottingham based dancers, Hayley Ross and Conrad Jago. This began when Jennifer became Dance4's Young Associate Artist and was given the opportunity to create a piece of work for WEYA festival, Nottingham 2012. During a short development period at Newvolutions Arts Festival (LPAC Centre, Lincoln) The People Next Door welcomed a third performer, Georgina Saunders. During March 2013 we worked on the piece again, at The Curve in Leicester. We plan to take the piece to Buxton Fringe Festival during July 2013. 

The piece explores the themes and ideas surrounding Home - Our experiences, memories and relationships that are formed within the space that we call home. The video below is from when the piece was first performed during WEYA 2012. Three of the images below were taken during our Scratch period at The Curve Theatre in Leicester, illustrating how the piece has become a trio. Watch this space!


Illuminate: Beauty from Different Directions - Nottingham City Castle

A commissioned, site-specific choreography which allowed the performers to showcase a collection of beautiful, handmade costumes. These items were specially created by a group of young people who collaborated with a professional textile artist, for a period of two months. The performance happened over a period of three hours and was promenading. The audience were taken around the grounds and inside the historic Nottingham Castle where they discovered the live, moving sculptures.

Choreographed by Jennifer Manderson in collaboration with the dancers, Hayley Ross and Conrad Jago.

Baby Birds

Green Robin Dance proposes to create and pilot an early years dance and creative movement provision for children and their parents/carers in the deprived area of Netherfield, Nottingham. This will initially be an eight week trial in order to investigate and answer the question: can we build an effective, engaging model which we can transfer to other areas within our local community.

The sessions will be a free weekly provision for the local residents of Netherfield. The sessions will be forty-five minutes long and will focus on a different theme each week. We will utilise a soft Green Robin, Robbie, who will lead the children through the session each week. "Our robin has a green tummy, why? He is special, just like you!" We will create enriched and playful physical environments, using props, objects and materials. A different environment will be created each week. Through the application of themes and narratives the children will be encouraged to lead the sessions, inspiring them to be creative and giving them ownership over the material produced.

Armed Forces Day

We are really excited to be teaming up with Gedling Borough Council again to deliver a project at Good Shepherd Primary School, Woodthorpe. This year, the national Armed Forces day event will be held in Nottingham on Saturday 29th June. Prior to this, Gedling Borough Council decided to create a project alongside volunteers from the British Legion and a local primary school. We were invited to deliver this project, and alongside the volunteers and primary school students, create a performance to be shown at Arnot Hill Park. 

You can find out more about Armed Forces Day here: